We do this because we can not give up on this generation in todays society. We have been called to reach deep into the lives of those in much need of our help, and  to worship God through the passions, gifts and talents He has given us. Through those abilities God will speak in a very unique way to this generation, planting seeds of , Love, Grace and Hope.
The reality is that today’s youth and young adults are being targeted and exposed to some very intense situations. This includes the media being increasingly devoted to explicit and fear inducing subject matter.  A world of rejection, pressure, sex, drugs, violence, and hate are what many wake up to everyday.  The repercussions of this environment include depression, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, hopelessness and suicide. The fact of the matter is that these are our kids, our future, and they need our help!  
Look at these staggering statistics:

-Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens between the ages of 15-24
.-Every 18 minutes someone takes their life.
-Approximately 2 million teens attempt suicide and 4,243 succeed each year in the US.
- There are more than 800,000 suicides per year worldwide.
-Self mutilation, such as cutting, is becoming a popular thing among teens.  In fact over the past year, 1 in 5 females, or 1 in 7 males have engaged in some sort of self-injury behavior
-An average of 15 teens are killed every day in violent crimes.
 - 750,000 teens are treated in emergency rooms for violence-related injuries each year.
This is why and Together, WE can make a difference!


Zero Gravity is a Christ centered 501c3 nonprofit organization