Everyone who is a part of our organization is Developed, mentored, and prepared  to become possible high profile, high capacity, and high energy Christian leaders.  At the very minimum they will be  positive role models  for our current generation and futur generations.

Our outreach abilities include:
Freestyle motocross team:  We have an incredibly talented team of FMX riders who jump a 75 foot (metal to metal or metal to dirt) gap, 35 feet in the air performing amazing aerial acrobatics.
 Street stunt team:  This is a gifted team of stunt riders who perform highly skilled stunts on sport bikes, four wheelers, and supermotos (dirt bike with street tires). These are all precision flatland tricks .
Drifting:  Have you seen The Fast and the Furious “Tokyo Drift”? Yep, that would be it, turbo boost and tire smoke!
High Energy DJ’s:  Our DJ’s keep the energy at an incredible level, add a concert level sound system and then not just raise the roof, but blow it off!!            
 Benefit events:  For families or organizations who are in need of our help in raising the resources necessary for medical and/or financial needs. It is a major blessing to us being able to help those in need.
 Our vocational school programs:   We bring in bikes, cars and equipment to students in mechanical classes, discussing the modifications necessary for us to perform these stunts.  We encourage positive choices.
 Zero G YouTube TV:  Online TV programming where we use high quality video of extreme sports and interviews with athletes and bands who share their faith, motivating people to take that next step away from destructive choices.
 Video production:  Our message is loud, intense and very clear.   Zero Gravity’s innovative video production includes action sports DVD’s with sessions from pro level athletes to short motivational movies.  All this is produced by a very talented film crew that is looking to make a powerful statement.  When we leave, our message doesn’t.
 Dynamic motivational awairness and outreach programs:   Our dynamic and motivational speakers touch the very real issues of today. Using humor and entertainment in an action packed, interactive way, we capture our audience.  When we combine the action sports, high quality videography, loud positive music, and a concert level sound system, a powerful message is sent and the audience is captivated truly hearing God’s powerful message.
 Go to www.youtube.com/zerogravityoutreach or www.zerogravityoutreach.com  for more pictures and videos of our events.


Zero Gravity is a Christ centered 501c3 nonprofit organization