Any and all public school assembly programs adhere diligently to the laws of separation of church and state. Be assured that no faith-based or religious content is allowed for any reason.

The reality is that today’s youth and young adults are being targeted and exposed to some very intense situations. This includes the media being increasingly devoted to explicit and fear inducing subject matter.  A world of rejection, pressure, sex, drugs, violence, and hate are what many wake up to everyday.  The repercussions of this environment include depression, self harm,bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, hopelessness and suicide. The fact of the matter is that these are our kids, our future, and they need our help!

Dynamic motivational awairness assembly programs:   Our dynamic and motivational speakers touch the very real issues of today. Using humor and entertainment in an action packed, interactive way, we capture our audience.  When we combine the attention getting power of action sports, very creative,  high quality videography with giant rear projection screens, loud positive music, and a concert level sound system, a powerful message is sent and the audience is captivated really hearing what is presented. Motivating them to step out of the darkness and move forward in a positive direction.


Zero Gravity is a Christ centered 501c3 nonprofit organization