We are honored that you would consider partnering with us financially and prayerfully to reach out through this unique outreach organization. We would love to talk to you more about our needs and the things God is doing through Zero Gravity.  All of us at Zero Gravity are very excited about the way God is using us to serve his people. We hope to be a blessing to those we come in contact with, to include blessing you with this opportunity. Our desire is to go as your representative of Jesus Christ using an adrenaline filled approach loving deep into the lives of the least, the last, and the lost.
Your generous financial support will be helping us meet some very important needs, allowing us to do things like:

  • Develop, mentor, and prepare our team mambers to become potential high profile, high capacity, high energy Christian leaders, and   positive role models getting them ready for future leadership roles.
  • Our extreme sports outreach events allows us to reach deep into a culture where they are at. Then we share the Love, Grace, and Acceptance that can only be found in Jesus Christ.
  • Benefit events for those needing our help in raising the resources necessary to provide for medical and/or financial needs, allowing Jesus to wrap his arms around those in need through us.
  • Our school awareness programs touching on those real and intense issues many face today, but motivating them to step out of the darkness and move forward in a positive direction.
  • Our vocational school programs where we bring in our gear, equipment, cars, and motorcycles discussing the modifications necessary for us to perform stunts on them with students in the mechanical classes. Encouraging positive choices.
  • Zero G YouTube TV programing where we use video of extreme sports and interviews with athletes and bands to motivate people to take a serious look at a life filled with Jesus.
  • There are also many travel, maintenance, and organizational needs to support all programs above.
Zero Gravity is creating a movement that is against the grain in the extreme sports industry we find ourselves, actually in society all together.  Jesus did the same in His time; He went against the grain wherever He was. We believe that by God working through your partnership with Zero Gravity it will be a very powerful bond used to reach into a generation in much need of our help. We believe that many will turn to a life filled with Jesus, and making a difference for eternity is priceless.  Our team believes it is all about building trust and relationships.  We all want to see our children and future leaders successful. Many issues in our society today are rendering our communities, school systems, and parents powerless over what our children are going through and the choices they are making.  It is proven in many statistics that parents, communities, and school systems not only need our help, but also are looking for trustworthy resources in which their kids can be guided in the right direction. This opens up an incredible opportunity to build relationships and for hearts to be opened, then we step in to share our faith and God reveals His Love and Grace through Jesus.  Our team believes that being major players in our children's lives, and community's well-being, we will have a major impact. In the end this will make an incredible difference, and one of the most important things we can invest in, is our children, FOR ETERNITY.

Thank You so much!!
To discuss more about Zero Gravity Outreach or if you have any further questions we would love to talk to you more about what God is doing through this ministry.
               E-mail: timw@zerogravityoutreach.com or debbie@zerogravityoutreach.com
        Phone: for Tim (906)282-0179 for Debbie (906)282-0178
 Team Zero Gravity
               Zero Gravity Outreach is a 501C3 nonprofit organization; all donations and support are tax deductible.


Zero Gravity is a Christ centered 501c3 nonprofit organization