Tim Wilkinson
Name: Tim Wilkinson
Position: President/Director of Operations
Riding: Quad/Supermoto
State: Michagan
Married to Debbie
Kids: Tyler, Chase, Stephen, Allison

Robbie King
Name: Robbie King
Riding: FMX

Name: Kenny Steinke
Riding: FMX

Joel Hickman
Name: Joel Hickman
Riding: Sportbike

Caleb Weaver
Name: Caleb Weaver
Riding: Sportbike/Quad

Name: Derek Duell
Riding: Supermoto/Quad

Marco Telez
Name: Marco Telez
Riding: Drift car

Ben Ives
Name: Ben Ives
Position: DJ/MC
State: Michagan
Kid: Eliana

Evan Blagec
Name: Evan Blagec
Position: DJ/MC

Dexter Sanders
Name: Dexter Sanders
Position: Speaker

Nick Jensen
Name: Nick Jensen
Position: Website and Multimedia

Austin Lucas
Name: Austin Lucas
Position: Video and Media

Josh Weaver
Name: Josh Weaver
Position: Video and Media

Marty Williams
Name: Marty Williams
Position: Website



Zero Gravity is a Christ centered 501c3 nonprofit organization