Zero Gravity outreach was created as an action packed, extreme, positive, Christ centered, alternative to everything else out there. We have been in those dark places and understand that things get out of hand before you know it, but we also know that Jesus shines a bright light piercing all that darkness, offering us the gift of life. Should we choose to accept that gift, God will breath life into us that is well beyond anything we have ever experienced before.  So Zero Gravity stands screaming at the top of our lungs “accept this gift, inhale Gods breath, and live! Live life to the fullest allowing God to shine brightly through the passions, gifts and talents He has given each and every one of us!”

The question of “who are we?” is an amazing story of God connecting a small group of motivated believers through their common interests in extreme sports of various types, positive high energy music,  unique videography, and a desire to impact this generation and future generations for Christ.

We believe that God has blessed us with gifts, talents, and passions that must not only be used for entertainment or enjoyment, but also be used to bridge the gap between our current culture and true faith.

This is a collection of action sports athletes, dynamic motivational speakers, positive high energy music, and unique videography with the end result being an outreach organization unlike any other organization today. Zero Gravity outreach has been given a unique ability to reach people where they are at.
Zero Gravity is a Christ centered 501c3 nonprofit organization 
We encourage you to visit the partner with us page of this website should you believe in what we are doing and want to step alongside us reaching out and making a difference in society today.   


Zero Gravity is a Christ centered 501c3 nonprofit organization